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In her series of "How to be a..." books, Jennifer aims to deconstruct some of the most complex challenging C-suite roles and to provide a handbook, a checklist to support people entering these roles, or with aspirations to. Aimed to be accessible and readable over a weekend, the books aim to de-mystify and open up these challenging roles, providing a grounding in the capabilities required.

Jennifer Geary

My Story

Jennifer Geary

When I came to my first COO role, although highly-qualified, I couldn’t believe the breadth of the skills that were expected of me – I counted sixteen different functional areas in which I needed skills. Moreover, there was no handbook, no reference for this highly influential role, the second in command in the organisation. I had to dig deep, consult experts and research each area individually. That is how the first book, and the framework for the “How to be a…”  books came about.

Let's Talk About You

You’re an aspiring or new-to-role C-suite professional [COO, CRO, CPO, CSO]. You are high-performing and motivated, or you wouldn’t be here. You have deep functional skills and have excelled in one or more areas. However:

You don’t know what it is to ‘be’ in the C-suite role.

You’ve been told ‘What got you to here, won’t get you there’ but you don’t know what that means, or how to change.

You’re overwhelmed at the scope and scale of the role – and although already highly accomplished, you perhaps have some gaps in your knowledge.

Maybe that hesitation has even held you back from applying for that role.

You’re on a countdown to starting and you’re worried about how you ‘show up’.

You’re going to be managing people who have deeper expertise in certain areas than you have and you’re worried about that.

You know you only have a short time to establish yourself and make a good impression.

This new role will be different from any you’ve done before and you need a structure to start.

How to be a Chief Operating Officer
How to be a Chief Risk Officer
How to be a Chief People Officer
How to be a Chief Sustainability Officer



800+ Happy Readers

What Readers Are Saying

“Great weekend book to either sharpen the saw or gain new insight into key considerations, questions and focus topics a COO should address. Found it useful as both to sharpen my skills and insight as well as learn new ways of seeing things across the enterprise as a COO."

– R M Perry

"The lessons in the book are solid. It's well thought out, obviously based on experience and sound advice. Read, or at least skim, the whole thing, and then use it as a reference each time you face a particular problem in a particular area of your business."

– James

"In this indispensable book, the authors gather the latest thinking and cut through the confusion to provide a deeply practical, constructive and realistic guide to navigating through these pressures and becoming more effective and empowered in the process."

– Alison Taylor


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What I Do


I advise a range of organisations, from financial to tech to risk management on their business models, products, go to market strategies, risk and compliance agendas


I have over 25 years experience as a Managing Director, COO and CRO, working in banking, fintech and not-for-profit


I have published three business books and contribute frequently to high-quality publications


I regularly speak and lecture on topics from operations to risk management to book writing

My Approach

A practical approach alongside theory is the key ingredient in my books, the knowledge you need to thrive in your senior roles

– Jennifer Geary, 2024 – 

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